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The Gladness in my Heart

  I've been feeling a lot of discouragement lately. A lot of things have been happening, or actually, not happening and it's left me feeling discouraged and a bit directionless. I see so many people seemingly achieve goals and dreams they've set for themselves and yet I can't seem to achieve some of mine. In fact at times I feel like I'm barely moving.  The truth is, I've been in a slump and this particular slump has defeated me more than ones in years past. I'm also adjusting to life with two kids, postpartum anxiety and this last week the whole family got sick with the common cold. I haven't slept much since Florian (my 5 month old) caught it. The poor little guy spends most of the night awake crying because his nose is clogged.  I'm exhausted to say the least. So today, after dinner, as the toddler ran around and I held the baby in my arms, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through pinterest on my phone behind a pillow (I try not to let the kids

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