About Ash Knepper

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog.
 Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and hang out a bit. Or if you're more like me, hide in your bathroom while you quickly peruse what you can before your little ones find you and you have to put down your phone so their childhood memories don't consist of mom using devices. Ha! That's me in a nutshell, a little bit of mom guilt and a whole lotta Jesus to get me through my days. 

My name is Ash and yes that is laundry and some random toys in the background of my introduction photo. We're keeping it real. I'm a thirty something year old boy mom of two just trying to survive the day while still soaking in all the right moments with my little guys, Noah (3) and Florian (5 months).
Besides those two little guys and my hubs, I'm passionate about writing. I wrote my first full novel before turning eighteen and started several more writing projects before my interest changed and I found photography. 
I worked as a professional photographer for over ten years. In that time I met my husband in Germany, got married, moved to the Middle East, worked with refugees and taught English classes. It wasn't until, at twenty-nine, when we moved back to the West Coast for my husband's job that I started writing again.

It was during that crazy transition and coming back to a country that I barely remembered that I felt wildly out of place. My husband suggested that I take some time for myself and read some books before building my photography business in America. He gave me a Francine Rivers book. Now, let's be real here, I've always been a reader. I love the classics, book club, biographies, and I've read my fair share of Christian non-fiction. But Christian fiction... reallyyyy?

Christian fiction is about as cheesy as it gets, right? And besides Pilgrims Progress, which I was forced to read in school, Christian fiction was a big no for me. But my hubs was persistent that this book was great! I finally gave in. I finally read it. And I stayed up every night until about 3AM for a week until I finished it. 
And you know what I learned from that experience (besides my husband is *sometimes* right) 
Christian fiction can glorify JESUS! Christian fiction can share the Gospel! Christian fiction can bring people closer to Jesus! WHAT?!

It gave me a new dream. Not just to write fiction because I like it. But to write to encourage people in the Lord and bring Jesus the glory. I spent the next four years pouring my heart and soul into a Christian fiction novel, that I hope to one day publish. And in the meantime.... here is my blog, little writings and snippets from my quiet time with Jesus. 

Sooo.... refill that coffee cup of yours, keep your feet up a little longer and enjoy this little blog of mine.  I hope you leave here feeling encouraged and spurred to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus. Because Jesus is the best and your day can only get better with more of Him. 

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